Noise Protection Products

acoustic sound blankets

Noise Blankets

Noise control products have many titles such as sound barriers, acoustical blankets, sound blankets, noise blankets, sound curtains, acoustical barriers..etc.

Acoustical Blankets

Our acoustic products are constructed of heavy duty 18oz fire proof vinyl, with 4” foil-sided duct-wrapped insulation which is tightly sewed to the compact blanket. The blanket has secure metal grommets around the edges for easy installation.

sound blankets hung on construction temporary fence

Construction Sound Barriers

Sound barrier walls, noise curtains and custom enclosures are usually installed around noisy construction sites to block noise from disturbing the residential neighborhoods nearby.

sound blankets hanging on walls

Custom Sound Proofing

We have the ability to supply with all types of acoustical products to customize your needs. We stock almost every noise material product and supply exclusively to professional contracting and trade companies.

Sound Blankets

Sound Barriers

Our sound and noise protection products insulate the job site and reduce noise & vibration generated by construction activities.

sound blankets inside building

Acoustical Barriers

Indoor and Outdoor sound curtains absorb and block sound with the ability to be rearranged and provide a temporary or even a permanent solution. This unique composite material combines sound absorption and a physical barrier into a flexible and versatile panel.

Sound blankets on construction fence.

Highway Noise Barriers

A requirement in most states, highway noise barriers are used to limit the amount of traffic noise from busy interstates and highways that are near highly populated residential areas.

sound blankets wrapping duct work

HVAC Noise Control

Mechanically generated noise from isolated machines such as ventilation systems, air conditioners, generators, compressors and pumping systems often require acoustical enclosures to reduce noise pollution.